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the eighth grade

Students marked with * are most in need, and top priority!

Students whose names are in CAPS are already sponsored :)

Click on a student to sponsor them, or to view their sponsorship awarding ceremony photos!


- Shehara (Vipuli J.)

- Amaya (Renu M.)

- Bhanuka (Ranindu A.)

- Ishani (Ajith A.)

- Deepani (Wathsala E.)

- Dinusha (Hasani E.)

- Dinusha (Sihini A.)

- Isanka (Niluk J.)

By taking this pledge, you choose to save the academic life of the student(s) you pick for just $12 a month. Your sponsorship may be as simple as a click away for you, but for these students, it's all the difference in the world.
Your consideration is deeply appreciated - thank you!

How else could I help?

If you can't commit to the pledge, you can still make a difference! Support for our fundraisers for these students is just as appreciated as sponsorships. Thank you, and please spread the word to anyone who may be interested!
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