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English Debates

Note from the author - 


Prior to the creation of the Bright Light Organization, our founder volunteered at Gamini School for one week, teaching English and speaking skills to the sixth, seventh, and ninth grade students. Over the course of the week, the students were helped to prepare for an in-class debate in both English and Singhalese to showcase what they learned, as well as to gain further experience speaking. We picked a topic important to them: where hypothetical funds for the school should be spent.

(Little did they know, the results of the debate would help determine how actual funds for Gamini raised by Bright Light would be used. More info here.)

The debates were a great success: the students had fun debating, and we had fun listening, moved by how bright and eager the students were, and in awe of their potential. (And so, the Bright Light Project was born...)

We invite you to watch the videos below and experience what we did. Thank you for your invaluable support!

Click on a video to enlarge + view the description!

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