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Gamini Vidyalaya has a problem.

AC & Roof for Computer Lab

Fundraising goal: $1000


Sri Lanka is a tropical island, with areas of incredibly hot and humid climate. The heat and moisture, though inexplicably appealing to tourists, is dangerous for electronics. The lack of a proper roof and air conditioning has already destroyed two computers at this school, a huge waste of money that Gamini simply cannot afford.


But YOU can make a difference!


The cost of building a roof and installing air conditioning is around 150,000 rupees, or about $1000.


Together, we can help these students receive the advanced education they deserve.

Water Tank: Complete!

Mahavilachaya was thrown in drought three years ago and has continued to suffer since. At the time of our visit, Gamini had no source of clean water to provide students and faculty; their tank (shown above) was filled every week, but the water was undrinkable, and they had no money to install a water filter.


Thanks to YOU, we made a difference!

The cost of installing a water filter is around 100,000 rupees, or about $700.


While Gamini now has access to clean water, we have raised the money necessary to help build a new water tank at Bellankadawala School in Anuradhapura, so THANK YOU for your invaluable support!

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